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Are some of your family members and friends unable to attend the wedding ?

A unique URL is given to you, which broadcasts your wedding LIVE. You post the URL on your social network or simply email it to your friends and family. You can also print the QR code on your wedding invitations. Once the wedding is LIVE the URL can be accessed and they can be a part of your joyous occasion.

this is what we do

Two of our team members are sent to the venue for your project for reliability. 1 Onsite Technician + 1 server support technician who will be continuously monitoring your event for any quality issues.


Even in cosmopolitan cities Bandwidth drops are very common . All our technicians are certified and have over 5 years of broadcast experience to handle the broadcast during difficult network conditions.





Cost Rs.21,000 /- upto 5 hours of Broadcast in one day in Delhi

Site Recce Charges for Internet Connectivity at Venue with in Delhi @ INR 2,500/-

Cost Rs. 3500/- Every extra hour after the fifth hour.

Delivered in the Package:


1 Network Technician/Engineer will be coming with the following Equipment:


1 HD Camera ( Wireless or Wired )

Laptop with Integrated Software Mechanism

Broadcast Wiring

Youtube Page Creation with Countdown

1 Internet Connection Equipment

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